Landline Faults

Phone Points Fast Services

We specialise in telephone line faults:

  • Repairs to cut, damaged and corroded cabling
  • Internal cabling faults
  • Noisy or crackling telephone lines
  • No dial tone (for ADSL and NBN)
  • Storm damage
  • Internet landline speed issues
  • Telecommunication repairs
  • Landline troubleshooting
  • ADSL and NBN faults
  • Reconfiguring NBN services based on clients needs
  • Changing from ADSL to NBN
  • Using specialised ADSL and NBN test equipment

Phone Points Fast services homes, apartments, small offices, large offices and industrial sites.

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EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL LANDLINES – How to tell the difference

If you think you have a landline fault then there are several things  you can do first to save time and possibly money:

  1. Firstly, check the handset – try changing it for a different handset and then see if you can make or receive phone calls. If this works, then your landline is OK and you may need to order a new handset.
  2. If you still have a fault then you will need to determine whether it is External (anything between your building/house to the road) or Internal (anything inside the building/house).
  3. External – if you are confident that it is a fault between your building/house and the road please call Telstra.  NB: if you do call Telstra and the fault is not external then you will be charged a call out fee.  Telstra is not obligated to fix internal faults.
  4. Internal – If Telstra determines that it’s an internal fault, or you are confident that the fault is inside the building/house then call your telephone line Fault Specialist, Richard on 0422 835 964

“Not all heroes wear capes!

Out of the blue we’d lost our NBN.  The ISP sent out a tech who did half a job checking the connection at the pit. The ISP then put the onus on us to prove that our internal wiring was correct and that the inspection wasn’t thorough.  Mike went above and beyond to confirm that not only were we compliant, but gave us the data (and correct language) to prove that the original tech didn’t do a comprehensive inspection.  Phone Points Fast was here just hours after we booked him and worked efficiently and throughly. Thank you!”

Nicole Smallwood, Gold Coast